Raleigh Revenio - fast, efficient and looks great!
Traditional comfort with basket, prop stand,pump and bell.
4x4 great all rounder will cope with all the tip top roads in and around town

So, how do you get started?

Firstly, ask your employer if they involved in the scheme. If they are not already signed up you can speak to your manager or your HR department to see if they would be prepared to join the scheme.

Then, pop down to the Green Machine for a chat with John or Simon, who have already helped many people with this scheme. John or Simon will chat with you about what sort of bike and equipment is best for you and will provide you with a some options.


You will then be able to access your certificate from your employer, who will have a web link with one of the schemes below. The employer will be asked to confirm your eligibility and approve your request and will be sent an invoice from the cycle scheme provider.

You will be sent a hire agreement to sign. Once the bike is paid for you will be provided with a printed certificate, which you can then bring to us to exchange for a bike and equipment.

Being Prepared! Safety and Comfort on Your Bike

When you are ready to buy your bike, we can also advise you about safety equipment, such as helmets, high visibility clothing, cold weather gear, lighting and bike security.


We also provide after sales service to ensure that you continue to get the most from your bike.

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